Consulting Services: Business & Food Product Innovation

Healthy Eating and exercise continues to be highlighted in the press as one of the major preventers of diseases that are among the leading cause of death in first world countries.  Promoting wellness is more than just a hot trend – it a lifestyle choice that is paramount to a long, healthy life.

Consumers are demanding improvements from food product manufacturers, and rightfully so. While this may cause initial difficulty for some companies, these demands represent a great business opportunity. Well-marketed, innovative products that respond to consumer demands will contribute to increased profits. New concepts and prototypes can also be designed to reduce production costs. too. 

In these tight economic times, many companies have been forced to reduce or eliminate internal resources necessary to support innovation efforts. Consultants are therefore key resources for maintaining innovation without long-term financial commitments. 

Barbara Kirshner is a seasoned food product innovator. She has over 25 years of experience in ideation, new prototype/product development and extended product use recipes. She is the Culinary Development Innovator for all of the food concepts and recipes for “Doggity's” an animated show about Healthy Eating on PBS Sprout.

Barbara has been a key player on development teams for large and small companies as well as restaurant groups in all phases of new product development. She has worked for Masterfoods, Johnson and Johnson (Splenda) Pizza Hut, and Berkshire Grain (to name a few).

Barbara also has experience in the coordination and implementation of food demos, both on and off camera TV.

Barbara's creativity is seeded in experience and her can-do attitude has helped companies achieve their winning formula.

Her rates are competitive and flexible, and her work is innovative and outstanding.