Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being Watchful of What/Who is Behind That Interesting Article

Just today I came across an article that caught my eye and since it dealt with children and children's health and nutrition I stopped.

The tile was......Milk Better Than Water to Rehydrate Kids, Study Finds

So of course I had to read this to get the scoop and see if it was worth passing on to you all.
The article goes on to speak about the virtues of milk and how milk has sodium to replace what is lost by sweating, that milk contains protein and other nutrients.

At the very bottom of the article it posted: The study is funded by Dairy Farmers of Canada.

The lesson I'm trying to share with you is not that Milk is not good for 8-10 year old children to help re-hydrating - just that based on this article and who funded it we should all seek further opinions before running out to a hot ball field in the middle of summer and forcing a glass of milk on your child's soccer team.

In searching the internet for a glass of milk I also came across a story about a Glass of Milk, that is well worth sharing with you.


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